Read from an assortment of people who have graduated from our courses and are now taking their learning experiences back to their own clinics. 

Dentist from Texas

Thank you for the implant education! Sinus grafts are great, patients are happy. I am hiring an associate now to take care of the “regular” dentistry! All I want to do is implants. I am placing and restoring about 350 implants per year now. I wish I had taken the course sooner!

Dentist from Florida

It is hard to express how much this has changed my life. It has reinvigorated me, and my entire practice! I was getting a little burned out, and what I learned with you guys has helped me get excited about dentistry again. Thank you!

Matt Palomaki

The hands-on experience I received in the CIRP and AIE courses is unparalleled in my continuing education training. The small class size and case presentation portions of the course fostered a great environment to ask questions and see a multitude of cases. The course has built my confidence and laid a solid foundation for placing implants in my practice. Without reservation, I would recommend this course as a must to anyone who wants to incorporate implant dentistry into their practice.

Dr. Matt Holly, Alabama

The way I approach treatment plans now is totally different. We are doing surgery now every week in my office. Sinus grafting. Lateral augmentations. It has changed my practice.

Dr. Ann K, Georgia

With Dr. McCracken being a prosthodontist and an implantologist – that was my interest. I don’t want to be trained by an oral surgeon. I want to be trained by a prosthodontist. That is the key. If we have questions in the office, I am always in contact with Dr. Guy and Dr. McCracken; they always get back to me with some advice and that has been great.

Dr. George H., Maryland

Once I came here I started to slowly gain confidence. This is the best CE course I have ever taken in my career. I can’t stress enough how hands on it was, and how much mentoring we got from our instructors. I have started doing this in my office. And that is the best testimonial I can give anyone. If you come here,you will start doing this in your office.

Brock Barras, D.D.S.

I have taken many implant courses across the country and this course, by far, was the most beneficial. I have fellowships through multiple different implant institutions, but there is no other place to get the hands on training from instructors as knowledgeable and caring as Dr. McCracken and Dr. Rosensteil.

The trips to Bessemer were always educational, but I got so much more out of each course from just being around men of their caliber. I feel very fortunate to have been able to be a part of their program. Because of their countless acts of altruism, the community of Bessemer, surrounding areas, and residents of CIRP have benefited in ways that cannot ever be imagined. It is a great feeling to know that the tuition money you pay for the training is actually helping to pay for the treatment of the patients.

I would recommend this course to any dentist interested in learning more about implant dentistry and contributing to the greater good.

George M. Hebeka, D.D.S. | Bowling Green, Ohio

My experience with the the AIE and CIRP courses were second to none. I was immediately able to take the hands-on experiences I received back to my office and place dental implants with confidence. I can honestly say these were the best CE courses I’ve taken in my career and will continue to bring me a return on my investment for years to come.

Jane Ligums, DMD, FAGD

First of all, about a month ago, I sent Dr. McCracken a note regarding your phenomenal implant course. I hope that he shared it with you, but just in case, I will include it at the end of my letter to you.

Also, Enclosed is a picture of my first solo implant. Of course, I couldn’t sleep the night before and was wishing I had my security blanket of being back at the Foundry, but I persevered. I had a wonderful outcome and enjoyed every minute of it after glowing the entire day. Before I started working on my patient, I remembered Dr. McCracken sharing an email he had just received from another newbie who had placed her first implant. Dr. McCracken’s excellent instruction, being able to work on “live” patients, getting all the encouragement and constructive feedback as well as remembering the newbie email, helped get me over my fear and to git er done!

I have 4-5 more implant consults and hope to make this a frequent occurrence, but until then I will keep sharing my little victories. Hope you and your family have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Looking forward to the reunion in June, 2014.

Dr. Jane from Jersey

This course was fabulous!!!

Dr. Ann Absi | Atlanta, GA

2013 was an amazing year. Despite taking numerous implant courses, my hands-on skills were still not up to par. I had a low level of confidence in my abilities until I stumbled onto CIRP. Drs McCracken and Guy are both amazing clinicians who have patiently taught and guided me through this yearly journey, honing my surgical techniques and, more importantly, Treatment Planning. Thank you for your continuous clinical support, and know that I am looking forward to another session of CIRP.”

Dr. Dwight Landry | Geismar, LA

I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed my experience with you at the CIRP course. I had no idea how much surgical experience I would be getting during my time at the course. The structure that you have created with the Foundry Dental Clinic is one that’s quite unique and “win-win” for both patients and doctors. I’m convinced that there is no other place to go to for surgical training that gives a clinician this much experience in performing implant surgeries.