Read from an assortment of people who have graduated from our courses and are now taking their learning experiences back to their own clinics.

  • Dr. McDonald

    Searching for a course that does the surgical aspect of dental implants.
  • Dr. Dollar

    Nice to know that you can call somebody here.
  • Dr. St. Romaine

    CIRP is different because he looked for quiet sometime and thought he was trying to find a course that did live surgery instead of viewing. This was the only one he found!
  • Dr. Mae

    Our practice has grown a lot since taking CIRP class!
  • Dr. Chris Campus

    There's just no replacement for it! There's nothing you can do on a model or a big jaw that does the same as a human!
  • Dr. Jon Ward

    Perfect, very professional — just perfect!
  • Dr. Kathleen Conderato

    It was important to stay in the U.S. ...she may have been uncomfortable practicing in a foreign country because she didn't know if those patients get followed up on.
  • Dr. Alex McWilliam

    Learning the different approaches enhances my ability to provide services to my patients."
  • Dr. Hoffert

    The success rate is in the high 90's — somewhere in the 98 percentile!
  • Dr. Trey Tippit

    Operating on live patients is better than looking in a book or watching on a video. It gives you the benefit of not what you just learned, but what you just did to go back and operate on your patients.