Read from an assortment of people who have graduated from our courses and are now taking their learning experiences back to their own clinics.

  • Dr. Ann Absi

    Atlanta, GA

    2013 was an amazing year. Despite taking numerous implant courses, my hands-on skills were still not up to par. I had a low level of confidence in my abilities until I stumbled onto CIRP. Drs McCracken and Guy are both amazing clinicians who have patiently taught and guided me through this yearly journey, honing my surgical techniques and, more importantly, Treatment Planning. Thank you for your continuous clinical support, and know that I am looking forward to another session of CIRP.”

  • Dr. Dwight Landry

    Geismar, LA

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed my experience with you at the CIRP course. I had no idea how much surgical experience I would be getting during my time at the course. The structure that you have created with the Foundry Dental Clinic is one that’s quite unique and “win-win” for both patients and doctors. I’m convinced that there is no other place to go to for surgical training that gives a clinician this much experience in performing implant surgeries.